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Colorful Flowers

Enriching lives by sharing unexpected kindness through  the gift of repurposed flowers & words of encouragement .

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Kindness Matters...

"My first thought when I opened the mailbox was   " Why is this person sending me a card?"  I was eager to open it! The words in the card were exactly what I needed to hear on that day.  How did this person know this?  It didn't take me long to realize that receiving this card and other cards over several months' time, was planned by God.  Through receiving these thoughtful words in a card and knowing personally how it has encouraged me, I have begun sending cards and notes to people that God puts on my heart. "        Cindy                                                                                      

Our family chose to donate flowers from our loved one's memorial service as a way to honor her life & bring joy to someone else through the repurposed bouquets created by Sweet Like Honey's Twice Blessed Bouquets program.         Rosemary

"What a lovely surprise!  Thank you for thinking of me with the bouquet of beautiful flowers.  I just love zinnias!                 Marcena, bouquet recipient 

It was so inspiring to be working together arranging the beautiful flowers, knowing the joy they were going to bring to others.       Donna, volunteer

I had such a fun time helping deliver bouquets!  Oh how I loved seeing the response of the recipients!                     Karen, volunteer

" I love the bouquet you delivered today! You will never know what it did to my heart when you came bringing it to me."    Janet, care center resident

"...The level of encouragement I have received from a super timely note of support is off the charts! I always feel so completely blown away by God's love that radiates from the messages I've received because they've been exactly what I needed at the exact time I needed them...In a busy world & society, it's humbling to know someone would take the time to mail a note of such love & support that brings a LIGHT and peace to sustain my weary soul at the perfect time!   Stacey

Getting cards of encouragement while I was going through chemotherapy really made my day better.  It made me feel like I wasn't going through it by myself!  It made me fight harder so I could come home to my family.


Kindness blooms from hearts overflowing with love and compassion for others.

Serving & Connecting

We are committed to serving the Siouxland community by enriching lives through recycled flowers & cards of encouragement.

Wedding Table Setup

We repurpose flowers.

Give us the opportunity to give your flowers a renewed purpose by creating a Twice Blessed Bouquet. 

  Donated flowers will be picked up directly from your special event by one of our volunteers.  We will give the flowers a fresh cut & then arrange them into smaller bouquets. 

Floral Card

We offer encouragement.

Each bouquet will be paired with a special note of encouragement written by a Sweet Like Honey volunteer.  We believe that a few words of encouragement & a fresh floral bouquet can lift the spirits of someone who has a difficult health situation, is alone much of the time or just needs some inspiration.


We connect people.

Whether through donating flowers, writing notes, arranging and delivering bouquets, or visiting with a floral recipient--we are connecting people.  It's a Win-Win situation for everyone involved!! We believe that personal interactions are powerful and create a caring community.

Help Us 

Spread Encouragement & Kindness

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