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Rose Bush

Kindness can be shown in so many different ways!  Whether by an unexpected act or gesture, a message written with love and compassion or a tender spoken word or conversation, each one has deep meaning and leaves a positive impact on both the giver and the receiver.  It's also been shown that those observing kindness are drawn in and compelled to participate because of the unity and community created by the caring gestures shown to others.

What act of kindness are you drawn to participate in?  Look through Our Special Projects and find one that works for you, your family, your workplace, or church group.  Partner with Sweet Like Honey to make a difference in Siouxland!  

Our Special

Everyone loves to get encouraging mail!!

Help keep the lost art of letter writing & card sending ALIVE!!

Teaching the next generation how to show kindness through positive words of encouragement.

Let's fill mailboxes with colorful envelopes of hope & kindness!

Fresh flowers boost emotional health & overall wellbeing of the recipient

Twice Blessed Bouquets

Twice Blessed Bouquets uses fresh floral arrangements donated from weddings, memorial services and other special events. We will pick the arrangements up, give them a fresh cut and create small bouquets that will then be delivered to a variety of healthcare facilities and others in difficult life situations. What a great way to extend the life & beauty of the flowers by Recycling them!  Your donated flowers are tax deductible.

These beautiful bouquets need somewhere to live so we are always looking for donations of unwanted vases & quart jars. As of January 18, 2024 we are not taking donations of vases as storage has become an issue. Thank you for your generosity in supplying vases. Ask coworkers, small group members & neighbors to help with our ongoing need of vases. Vase drop-off sites are Rite in Style (Whiting, IA.), Good Roots Massage & Wellness (Homer, NE.) & at 109 Fairview Dr., South Sioux City, NE. We will also gladly pick up your vase donation. Email to set up a time for pick up.    


Cards of Encouragement

If you enjoy sending cards & notes of encouragement this program will give you New ideas each month as to whom you could bless with a few words of kindness and it will give you the opportunity to sponsor some notes of encouragement being sent directly through the mail.

May Cards of Encouragement ideas...

*Retirement...especially at the end of the school year there are teachers, coaches & administrators we know that are retiring 

*Write a few "generic" thank you notes that you can keep in your car or purse to give to servers at restaurants or at drive through windows we go through.  A few simple sentences thanking them for their good customer service means a lot!

*Memorial Day...send a note of thanks to a family member of a lost serviceman/woman.  Military families make a lot of sacrifices for our freedom.  

Even if you're not a card sender you can be involved in this project!!

Be a part of keeping the lost art of letter writing alive by sponsoring a school caddy. For a $30 sponsorship a caddy will be donated to a classroom in the Siouxland area. Each caddy will contain a variety of all occasion note cards, colored pencils & markers along with a list of ideas for teachers/mentors as they use these note cards to teach students about the power their words have to encourage, thank, & empathize with people in their social circle & life!! Sweet Like Honey currently sponsors 4 school caddies for the Teammates program at Homer Community School(2), South Sioux City MS/HS, and Cardinal Elementary.  To learn more about the Teammates mentoring program visit

Many have told me they wished they were a card sender but just aren't.  That's ok, your generous donation can allow us to continue to reach out to those needing encouragement.

A $12 donation will pay for the postage for 20 notes of encouragement written by the Sweet Like Honey team. 

A $25 donation will purchase 40 greeting cards that will bring joy directly to individual mailboxes.  This will allow the Sweet Like Honey team the opportunity to continue to bless Indvidual's we know that could use some encouragement delivered to their mailbox.

Because Sweet Like Honey blesses each recipient of a Twice Blessed Bouquet with a personal handwritten card, we are always looking for people to help us make cards.  This is a good project for Girl Scout troops, school art classes, 4H clubs, student council, college small groups, sorority sisters, women's Bible study groups...anyone who loves to create positive art!


Sponsor Joy

Sponsor Joy allows individuals, families, businesses, church groups, service groups...literally EVERYBODY a chance to be a part of sharing the joy of receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers!! Research shows that fresh flowers boost the emotional state & overall wellbeing of the recipient.  Fresh flowers stimulate our senses...the beautiful colors, the textures, the aroma.

Donations given to the Spread Joy project will be used to purchase flowers that will be made into deliverable bouquets. 

Here's a few creative ways to donate to Sponsor Joy...

*Have a Wear Jeans to Work Day at your office or school with the proceeds going to Sweet Like Honey

* Use Sweet Like Honey as your mission's project for the month at church, VBS or children's Sunday School program. 

*Put an empty vase in your work breakroom, teachers' lounge or kitchen counter at home.  Fill it with loose change and donate it to the Sponsor Joy project

*During the holiday season, businesses, churches & families are often looking for a 'good cause' to donate Sweet Like Honey deliver extra holiday cheer this holiday season with a seasonal bouquet.

Or simply make a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more to purchase ribbon, vases or flowers.  All donations are tax deductible.

Flowers for Sale
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